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You're Perfect Just As You Are

To start off 2021 I would like to share something the English born Tibetan Buddhist Monk Shenyen (my favorite Buddhist teacher and favorite teacher of any kind I’ve had in my life) wrote specifically to share with you all - the ME/CFS community.

"You're perfect just as you are."

The Japanese zen master Suzuki Roshi used to say to his students, "You're perfect just as you are -- and you could use a little help." This is compassion in Buddhism, a compassion that sees the perfection and the imperfection without feeling any contradiction.

'You're perfect just as you are': there is no essential difference between you and the realized universe. 'And you could use a little help': you haven't awoken to this fact yet.

Every day, try to acknowledge both of these dimensions within your unrepeatable, disappearing life. Tune into that part of your being that is capable of just being here right now, in this moment, being no-one, going nowhere, unaffected by the pain and the loneliness. Or rather, affected by it but not disturbed by it. And then tune into all the ways that people help you.

'Your perfect…' -- I really need nothing at all right now… -- 'and you could use…' -- but that cup of tea is fantastic, thank you!


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