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Valentines Day

Let’s celebrate this Valentines Day.

Let’s let Valentines Day be about love in whatever form it is possible to exist in your life right now. Love with a partner; Love expressed from a parent, a child, a caregiver, a friend, a pet; Love, forgiveness and acceptance of yourself; Love felt from this community of unbelievably strong, suffering warriors; The idea of future love; And most importantly, knowing that you are part of a universe that is filled with expressions of love in every way and through everything.

I know many of you don’t feel loved. But you are. And you are not alone today. We are all in this together and we can send love out to all fellow ME/CFS patients and receive that same love as well.

And also I love you all. :) <3

Donate to ME/CFS research at the Open Medicine Foundation to help stop the suffering of millions and end ME/CFS.

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