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Trouble Writing

I’m having trouble writing right now.

My health is still in a down swing after taking the experimental drug (likely a bad interaction with one of the other meds I’m taking). My mind is extremely dull and numb and it’s hard for me to feel or think deeply about anything.

I’ve got many rough drafts of posts written. But everytime I try to work on them or write something new I just feel this huge wall go up. I don’t want to post things I don’t have my heart in, aren’t written well, or are off message. So I may need to post less often for a time or take a short break. I just wanted to let you all know what was happening.

I’m ok, I’m not going anywhere, I will never give up on myself or any of you. I will never loose hope in us finding treatments and a cure. I am still working on getting copies of my letter to Biden in every way I can. I will still try to post what I can and hopefully this won’t last long. Please stick around, there’s more to come. Be as well as you can everyone. <3

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