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Transforming The ME/CFS Wasteland

Life with ME/CFS is a wasteland of dreams, goals and aspirations left undone, unfinished or never started. Our energy is so limited and the consequences of using more energy than we have are so severe that we have to let go of the things that once filled our lives with meaning and purpose. This is the ME/CFS wasteland.

But we are the masters of our own reality. If we focus on what we still have instead the wasteland of all the things we have lost, we can transform our reality into one of meaning, purpose, beauty and happiness. We can transform the wasteland into a land of beauty and purpose.

Happiness is all about expectations. We are unhappy when our expectations are not met. As healthy people, we had expectations that were incredibly lofty and we can no longer meet those expectations. So most of us are incredibly unhappy and depressed.

In fact, most healthy people have much higher expectations for their lives than they can actually meet and are unhappy because of this. We all watch perfect lives on TV and see them on billboards and in magazines and most people expect that out of their own lives. So despite whether you are healthy, sick, disabled, or just any human being in this realm, meeting your expectations is a big part of finding peace and happiness regardless of who you are.

Most people try to meet their expectations by pushing themselves to actually meet them. Which is almost never actually possible. But there is another way to meet them. We can change our expectations, they are not created by anyone but ourselves. We can choose to align our expectations with what we can do, and then meet our expectations and experience true happiness even with such a limited life as ME/CFS gives us.

Reality is what our minds make of it. We define the edges of our world and how big it is or how small it is. For example, if we lived on Mars, traveling to India would not be nearly as big a deal as it is on Earth because we would not be traveling anywhere close to the other side of the planet. And before airplanes existed, traveling to India was an even bigger deal than it is now on Earth because of how difficult it was and how long it took. This is all because of how our minds define distance. It is all relative, and not concrete. Our reality is moldable by our own minds.

If we choose to form a world that is the size that ME/CFS has forced it to be, and let this small world loom large in our minds, the edge of the bed being the edge of the entire world, we can travel, we can find meaning, purpose and happiness. We can fulfill our destinies here lying sick in bed. We create our reality and if we choose to make it the size that ME/CFS determines it to be, and fill it with the things that ME/CFS allows us to have, this reality can fill our lives just like if we were healthy. We can destroy the wasteland and replace it with a meaningful life.

We make our own reality. It is not easy, but let’s work on training our minds to create a reality and set expectations that make us happy and fulfilled instead of constantly left wanting and suffering for what we cannot have.

I will be writing more on this subject, so stay tuned!



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