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Severe ME/CFS Awareness Day 2022

Today we salute all those suffering with severe ME/CFS. All the silent warriors fighting alone in darkness, unrecognized, unknown, uncared for, lost to this world. The millions of severe ME/CFS patients around the world who don’t even know they have ME/CFS and live in a cloud of confusion and prejudice. All those who die on the streets without ME/CFS being identified as the cause of death and with no cognizance of the cause of this horrific fate from society. Today we shine a light of awareness on all these lives and all these deaths and today we say enough. Enough.

We exist. And we will rise. And to those who have kept us in our beds and taken our lives from us - watch out, because there will be a reckoning. And your long pale face of shame will not suffice.

To hope in the face of suffering,
To courage in the face of uncertainty,
To beauty in the face of darkness.



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