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New Experimental Drug

Social media seems to be buzzing about the new drug I’m taking so I thought I should just give you all an update to keep expectations realistic.

I first took a test to see if the drug would work for me which was an overwhelming yes but the test made me much worse for about a month.

I’m now experimenting with the drug and it seems to have made me feel as bad as the test for it. Which makes no sense according to what we know about the science. And both reactions were not expected. (I wouldn’t have taken it if it was expected) There could be a bad reaction with another drug I’m taking or the science is more complicated than originally thought. This drug is involved in very complex systems that we know very little about and many aspects are impossible to measure and in uncharted territory.

I’ve stopped the drug for now until we know more. And I feel better already after stopping it for a couple days which is a good sign.

Don’t loose hope though, Ron and fellow researchers at Standard are working hard to figure out what is going on. We don’t know what this means yet. There is still hope for this drug and there are many more drugs they are working on. Keep your hopes up. <3

I would like to ask you to not speculate about what this drug is or hype it up into more than an experiment and possible treatment. You will never guess what it is and if you did you could do great harm to the availability of the drug by taking it in the wrong way and hurting yourself. Please respect this so I can continue to keep you as informed as possible.

Until next time,
Your communal guinea pig


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