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My Caregiver - The Unspoken Hero

I’ve seen a lot of people praising my family as ME/CFS heroes and they all deserve it especially my father. But there’s someone else who’s a big part of my life who never gets mentioned. In fact she has had one of the biggest positive impacts on my health during the last four years.

Her name is Maile Uhila and she’s my caregiver.



Especially lately as my improvement in health has caused me to change to an odd day/night schedule, she comes at all times of day or night and stays as long as I need and never complains, constantly telling me she’s fine with it. She’s able to remember millions of tiny little things in my routine and keep them straight even as I change them and add to them all the time. She’s really strong and able to do things like wash my hair bent over in the shower because I can only do it by leaning over the shower area curled up on the floor. It doesn’t hurt her back. She never gets grossed out by anything even when gross things happen as they do with someone as incapacitated as I am. And she never gets mad, she’s always kind, patient and dedicated.

Miele is really a caregiver dream come true for someone like me. My parents, despite their great intentions are too elderly to help me properly in here with everything. It’s too hard on them and they physically can’t do many things I need. I’m so blessed she came into my life I just want to take this opportunity to publicly thank her. I don’t know where I’d be without her. Much worse than I am now for certain. Thank you Miele!

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