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My 38th Birthday Fundraiser

It’s my birthday!

For my 38th birthday on October 3rd I would like donations to Ron’s research. Here is a link to a Spotfund fundraiser where 100% of donations will go to OMF and they will give all of the funds from this fundraiser to Ron’s lab. Please celebrate with me by coming together and giving the gift of hope.

You can donate here:

Last year for my birthday we raised 37,000$ for ME/CFS research at my father’s lab. He used these funds to purchase a new High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Instrument.


From Ron:
"I and everybody in the lab are really excited and grateful to get this new instrument because it allows us to do a large number of new experiments. This instrument replaces an old one that was broken and not reparable. This one is much better than the old one because it can separate and quantitate a large number of the molecules that we are very interested in. We are using it in new experimentation involving the tryptophan to kynurenine metabolic trap. It has really helped us in developing the proper protocols for the experimentation. We are also using it to prepare different versions of Copaxone that we have synthesized. And it is being developed to investigate part of the nitrogen cycle that appears to be altered in ME/CFS patients. Because we were also able to buy a fraction collector connected to the HPLC Instrument, we will also be able to investigate what's in the serum that affects the nanoneedle assay. Thank you so much for your generous donations."


This year for my 38th birthday, I would like donations to Ron’s lab so he can buy a new better microscope that he needs to further his research.

From Ron:
"We need a high resolution fluorescent microscope that will allow us to get good visualizations of human immune cells for a large variety of our experiments. We have new experimentation on neutrophils, which is being delayed at the moment because we can't get good images of the cells. We would also like to get good images of all the cells that we prepare from patients' blood, which is currently limited by the quality of our old microscope. All the researchers are really excited about the possibility of getting a better microscope. The best version of this microscope costs about $150,000, but with less money we could leave off some of the useful options and still get something that is better than what we currently have."

I would like to propose that we donate to help them pay for the best version of this microscope that they really want and need. We may not be able to pay for the whole thing, but we could make it possible for them to get the version that would help them the most. If we do, a plaque will be placed on this instrument in our honor as well.

I believe Ron is our best chance at finding a cure for ME/CFS. Ron has an ever growing number of experiments and ideas and though COVID has caused delays, they are making steady progress. He believes he will figure out the cause of ME/CFS. Yesterday he had dinner with Rob Phair, who works with Ron at Stanford. He is a pragmatic minded person, not a blind optimist. Janet asked him if he thought they would ever figure out ME/CFS and he said "you know what, I really think we are going to crack this".

Please donate whatever you can to my birthday fundraiser to help make this happen. Give me the gift of getting closer to ending ME/CFS.

Thank you everyone for your constant support and generosity. Please share this everywhere you can and spread the word!



Donate to ME/CFS research at the Open Medicine Foundation to help stop the suffering of millions and end ME/CFS.

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