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Music Medicine September 2022

Geir Sundstøl - St.Hanshaugen Steel

This is a calm, soothing album that would I suppose fall under the "jazz" genre but it’s quite unique. Maybe "Jazz-ambient-acoustic" or something. There are seemingly endless instruments used that create layers upon layers of textures, all slow and never jarring or mathematical in nature- always soothing. The percussion keeps things slow but the rhythms are always very interesting with space between drum hits but lots of variation and build up and release. The music kind of sways like a wave of all these textures combining to create this complex sound. All sounds are created by real instruments recorded, there are no electronic or computer generated sounds on the whole album.

This is some of the most creative music I’ve heard and the sound quality is gorgeous.

Here is a link to listen to this album on all streaming services and buy it where available.


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