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Merry Christmas From Bed!

Merry Christmas From Bed!

The greatest gift you can give the world this Christmas is your health. Because the most horrific thing about ME/CFS is that it takes all of you beautiful people out of this world along with everything you would otherwise contribute to the world. So give the world and everyone you love the gift of your health this Christmas.

As you celebrate this year, remember your self worth and the value of your health not only for yourself but for the world, everyone you love and everyone who cares about you. You can’t be there for anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself, and making yourself worse by crashing on Christmas will only make you less able to be there for the people you love or care about.

You are worth taking care of yourself. You are worth prioritizing your health. ME/CFS is a real illness and the consequences of going over your energy limits are real and physical.

Hopefully you made plans for this Christmas ahead of time that will keep you within your limits. I want to encourage all of you to stick to those plans no matter how much fun you’re having. Remember the possibly permanent consequences of ignoring those plans and doing too much.

But also enjoy what you are capable of doing without hurting yourself! Enjoy whatever precious moments you have.

I will be smiling in bed picturing people opening the presents I got for them. That will be my Christmas. And possibly my parents handing me a couple unwrapped gifts really quick.

To everyone who is alone today, remember that there are hundreds of thousands of ME/CFS patients who are also going to be alone today. We are alone but we are alone TOGETHER.

To everyone who is limiting their activities and prioritizing self care, remember there are millions of people who are also having to limit their Christmas because of the consequences imposed on us by ME/CFS. You are not alone.

Join me in celebrating a crash free Christmas this year! We can do this together. Lean on the ME/CFS community and remember you are not alone. And remember that the best thing you can do for the people you love and the world at large is to be as healthy as you can be.



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