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ME/CFS mentioned in "Covid Long Haulers" Article

ME/CFS was mentioned as a possible diagnosis for "COVID long haulers" in this Wall Street Journal Article about the "mysterious" long term affects many people are experiencing after recovering from the initial COVID infection.

"Doctors Begin to Crack Covid’s Mysterious Long-Term Effects"

I was screaming "it’s ME/CFS!!!" the whole article and was then happily surprised to see it mentioned though only briefly and with a tone of inconsequence. But it’s a sign of progress for us!
This is what the article says:

"The constellation of such neurological symptoms, along with persistent fatigue, joint pain and headaches, resembles myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome, said Anthony Komaroff, a Harvard Medical School professor of medicine who has studied the syndrome for decades. The condition can follow certain viral and bacterial infections, he said. He thinks the condition likely follows Covid-19, too, at least in a portion of patients. A 2009 study of 233 SARS survivors found 27% met criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome four years after getting sick."

Let’s hope for many more like this to come! This is great publicity for ME/CFS, just having it mentioned in such a widely read article. Not to mention the funding possibilities of the link between the two illnesses that we’re all hoping for.


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