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ME/CFS Ativan Research

This is me with Fereshteh, one of the superheroes on Team Superman (I’m on Ativan). She’s trying to figure out what Ativan does to my system that causes such a drastic, immediate improvement. She’s drawing blood from me immediately before Ativan, then at multiple intervals as the drug peaks in my system and slowly wears off. The last blood draw is 72 hours after injecting 2 or 2.5 mg Ativan. (I’ve recently upped the dose).

When not on Ativan I can’t tolerate human voice, or the sight of another person in my room, especially their face. When there’s a person in my room I have to wear earphones playing white noise, covered by earmuffs, keep my eyes closed and covered with a towel and stay absolutely still. Moving even a muscle causes a terrible brain crash that makes me worse. I can even feel the presence of a person waiting in the hallway outside my room, and certain non-routine tasks cause more brain fog/dysfunction, while they don’t harm me when no one is outside my door.

When I take Ativan I’m able to look at and interact with people, listen to them talk, and move freely, pantomiming to try to communicate to them. It’s still a terrible state to be in but it’s a huge improvement. And feels sooo good. I feel like that scene from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" when "Bootstrap Bill" slowly emerges from the wall of the ship breaking through all the crusty sea gunk and barnacles to talk to his son for a moment. And like "Bootstrap Bill" my time is limited and I eventually have to start muttering "part of the crew, part of the ship" and try to re-repress all the freedom I just experienced. It usually takes me about three really depressed and stressed out days to accept the norm again.

Hopefully Fereshteh’s research will uncover something interesting that will lead to more discoveries or treatments! Go Team Superman and OMF!

The Open Medicine Foundation funds Ronald W Davis’ research and they are privately funded because NIH is intentionally refusing good science grants for stupid reasons. So please consider donating so OMF can continue research projects like this one. Ron has many ideas for research projects he doesn’t have the money to start.

OMF is currently making a big fundraising push for the entire month of May #MayMomentum because May is ME/CFS Awareness Month.

Can you please consider donating today to help #EndMECFS?

Here’s a direct link to donate to the Open Medicine Foundation to support Ronald Davis’s research:



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