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Letter to Severe ME/CFS

Dear Severe ME/CFS,

You can’t have my life, and you can’t have me. I can withstand anything you have to give and more. I will always rise above you.

You can take my friends and relationships, but you can never take my love.

You can take my career but you can never take my worth.

You can take my ability to make things, but you can never take creativity from me.

You can take food away from me, but you can never take self nourishment.

You can keep me in bed, but you can never confine me.

You can disable me, but you can never define me.

You can take the functionality of my brain, but you can never take my mind.

You can take away my ability to move, but you can never stop me.

You can inflict immeasurable pain that never ends, but you can never take the peace I hold within.

You can instill fear in all of my senses that makes me cower from the world, but you can never take away the beauty of the world.

You can take all things meaningful to me, but you can never take my purpose.

You can make me suffer, but you can never stop the joy I hold in my heart.

You can make me wish, but you can never make me beg.

You can take everything but my life, but i will always endure.

Because I am better than you. You will linger for a time and you will try your best to stop me and end me, but I am boundless. I will rise while you fall to ashes and one day cease to exist. You think you’re a monster? I am the monster. I will conquer you and destroy you. I am master of all things. I am life. Endless life.

I am a Severe ME/CFS Patient and I have never been stronger than in this moment right now. I am an all powerful, living, breathing, soul. You will never stomp me out.

Whitney Dafoe

Donate to ME/CFS research at the Open Medicine Foundation to help stop the suffering of millions and end ME/CFS.

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