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In Honor Of Women

Here’s to all the women ME/CFS heroes. The women who have ME/CFS and fully embody the power and endurance and endless strength of the spirit of women in their fight to survive and find a life within the smothering blanket of ME/CFS. The women patients who never give up no matter how much of their lives, dreams and aspirations they have lost in this life; No matter the mental and physical pain they endure every single day. The partners who never give up on their husbands or partners and fight the loneliness and distance from them, sacrifice the connection they wish they could have and deserve to have with them to stay by their side, support them, and often take care of them. The mothers who fight to have a relationship with their children in spite of having ME/CFS and must constantly make the unfathomable decision to balance their health versus time with their kids. The mothers who give up their lives to take care of their sick children who have ME/CFS and who stop at nothing to help them and care for them and protect them from a world that wants nothing more than to stomp them out. The wives or partners who fight for a relationship of some kind between their partners with ME/CFS and their children and work to take care of the entire family to make that possible. The women who are so sick and have been so sick for so long that they cannot have children in this life because ME/CFS has taken that from them, either physically or by way of time; Children they would have loved and people that will never exist, lost to the wrecking ball of ME/CFS. The people who identify as women but are not able to fully embody their true selves because ME/CFS prevents them from accessing the resources or connections they need, or inhibits the mental or physical work they need to do and they are forced to live as people they do not identify with or must be cared for by people who do not respect their gender identity. And all the women who do not have ME/CFS but compassionately see ME/CFS patients as whole people, and love them, befriend them or connect with them in some meaningful way that enriches their lives.

Personally, I want to honor my mother Janet, my sister Ashley and my caregivers Maile, Julie and Peppermint, and all the sacrifices they continue to make for my health and well being. I would probably be dead without them. I would also like to honor two women who have impacted my life spiritually in profound ways - Linda and Tara - two incredible women who know me, see me, inspire me, and have taught me so much about this life. As well as all the women who have loved me and whom I have loved. I have not forgotten any of you and those memories of connection feed my soul and help me continue living life in isolation.

Here’s to the women of ME/CFS and to the strong, enduring, caring, nurturing, empathetic power of the spirit of women. The women warriors of ME/CFS. We all admire you and look up to you and would be lost without you.


Important Notes:
I know International Women’s Day was yesterday, but I have ME/CFS too, and never leave my room and am not that in touch with the outside world or days like this. I will try to look at a calendar of these days so I can prepare for them in the future but no promises, I might just miss some or make it a 2 day celebration like with this post. Also, I’m a man and do not completely understand women or the struggles they face, yet I still want to honor women on this day. So please see the intention in my post to honor all women and forgive me if I worded something in a way that does not reflect that intention. When I use the word "women" it applies to anyone who identifies as a a woman in any way. Today (and yesterday) I am honoring all women affected by, or involved with ME/CFS.


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