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Hey! It's My 39th Birthday!

Hey! It’s my 39th Birthday!

I’m celebrating turning 39! And I'm really sick and all I want for my birthday is funding for Ronald W Davis’s research. There is so much hope coming out of Ron's lab right now. He has taken the list of FDA approved drugs that in lab testing stop the itaconate shunt and narrowed it down to just the best candidates and we will be talking with my general practitioner soon to see if any of them are benign enough to try taking. One of these drugs could CURE me of ME/CFS if the itaconate shunt theory is correct!

  Link to fundraiser

This is how a cure will happen. A theory will generate ideas and they’ll try something and at some point something will work and we’ll suddenly have a cure for ME/CFS. It could happen anytime. There are no guarantees in science so don’t think of this as a sure thing, it could take longer or wind up being more complicated or these drugs might not work.

I just want to make you all understand how much real, tangible hope there is. These theories aren’t just numbers in a lab. They translate into real life treatments or possibly a cure if they are right in one of their theories.

So everyone chin up and donate to my birthday fundraiser! They need funding to work on their ideas!

  Link to fundraiser

And be sure to watch my new video about living with Severe ME/CFS at the top of the fundraiser page!

In 2020, my birthday fundraiser allowed Ron's lab to purchase a HIgh Pressure Liquid Chromatography Instrument. Ron and everybody in the lab are really excited and grateful to get this new instrument because it has allowed them to do a large number of new experiments.

In 2021, my birthday fundraiser allowed Ron’s lab to purchase an electrochemical detector. They are using it to measure BH4, folate, and other metabolites in the arginine pathway. No other laboratory has ever measured these things in MECFS patients. These molecules have been implicated in MECFS for a long time but they’re hard to measure and there’s no commercial assay so no one has studied them in ME/CFS patients. They are involved in the production of some of the hormones like dopamine and the production of nitric oxide, which is involved in blood flow. All these things may be involved in why the itaconate shunt does not turn off which could be the cause of ME/CFS.

This year, 2022, Ron needs to buy a second High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) instrument because they are using it so much it will delay their work unless they have a second one. The HPLC sits next to the electrochemical detector he bought with our fundraiser last year, which allows the HPLC to detect things at a much more sensitive level than what the HPLC can on its own. But they do not need this level of sensitivity for all of their assays so the electrochemical detector doesn’t get used for some of them. If they had two HPLC’s they could use one for assays demanding more sensitivity and the other for the rest, greatly speeding up their work.

This is not only a birthday fundraiser but a great, easy way to donate to Ron’s research in general and a perfect thing to show people who don’t understand ME/CFS to help them understand. It has emotional impact as well as lots of compelling information.

100% of the donations from this fundraiser go directly to Ron’s research at Ron’s lab.

  Link to fundraiser

Lets all rally and beat the last 2 years! I’ve set a goal of $40,000 but we can beat that. I need your donations to make this happen. I also need you to like, comment and share this post. All 3 of those help this post go viral and be seen by others so they can donate too. So please like, comment and share! Let’s make miracles happen!



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