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Help Fund Printing More Letters To President Biden

Help fund printing more letters to President Biden

My Spotfund fundraiser:

Since asking for the ME/CFS community’s help in reaching out to their representatives and ask them to deliver a letter to President Biden, a number of people have come forward and reached out and I have mailed out a number of binders. But not enough. I really need your help to get this letter to the President. Pleae, if you can, reach out to your local representatives. Call them if you are able to, or if not then email them, and use my email template to make it quick and easy.

Here is a link to my blog post with all the information on how to find your local representative and my sample letter which you can simply copy and paste and fill in your name. It is very quick and easy to do.

Right now I only have about 25 binders left. So I can only send them to people who have reached out to a representative or contact and heard back that they will deliver it to President Biden. I would like to expand this effort and print 50 more binders so I can ship them to people without them having to get confirmation. And when everyone who is able to help get a binder to their representative has done so, then I would like to do a mass mailing campaign to all the most likely senators and congresspeople who are most likely to be open to funding ME/CFS. (some people in Washington refuse to fund anything and there is no chance with them)

I have created a Spotfund fundraiser

to raise the necessary $3,500 to print 50 more binders. 100% of your donation will go towards printing binders, there is no fee at Spotfund. Here is how the cost of the printing breaks down.

The photographs are professionally printed on thick, gallery quality photo paper and cost $10 per print, which is $50 per binder. The CD’s cost $4.30 per CD to make and have a color cover printed on them. The rest of the binder printing and binding costs $8 per binder. I would like to set a goal for printing 50 more binders and see if we can raise that. 50 binders would cost $3111 plus taxes and shipping, so I’m going to set a goal of $3,500.

Here is a link to my Spotfund fundraiser. Please donate if you can, and spread the word!

I can’t emphasize more strongly what a huge opportunity this is. I believe a personal, individual attempt to reach the President is our best chance at getting the $250 miillion per year in NIH funding that ME/CFS deserves.

Together, we can do this!

Thank you!


Donate to ME/CFS research at the Open Medicine Foundation to help stop the suffering of millions and end ME/CFS.

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