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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today, I’m thankful for all of you. For continuing on in the face of unbelievable prejudice and suffering. And the caregivers out there for sacrificing so much of your own lives for us. I am in awe of every single one of you.

I’m also grateful for what I AM able to do. I’m so grateful for the few things that bring joy to my life.

Even though we are suffering and face hardships everywhere we look, it is important to stop and reflect on what you still have. And all of you still have things to be grateful for. Your life. Your body for fighting so hard every second of every day to keep you going. And anything else that sustains you or brings love, joy, or beauty into your life.

Our lives can become so full of challenges and obstacles that it's easy to forget that there are good things left. But it’s a very important practice to focus on the good things and not the bad things. Happiness doesn’t depend on anyone or anything or any set of conditions. Happiness is a way of living, a way of seeing the world and a state of mind. We can all be happier people by focussing on the good that is in our lives and not the bad. What we CAN do and not what we can’t do. It doesn’t even matter if it is delusional. I am completely delusional about my excitement about things that really aren’t that exciting. Sometimes I cant sleep I’m so excited about something in my life. I’m excited about putting together a Thanksgiving post for you all and it is bringing me happiness.

This is such an important part of surviving ME/CFS. I call it Jedi mind tricking myself.

So at least today, Jedi mind trick yourself and practice deluding yourself with the good in your life. Think about what you’re thankful for and try to put some of the hardships or things you can't do out of your mind. And if you can, even for a moment, thank ME/CFS for teaching you so much about the nature of life and what is important. ME/CFS is the greatest teacher I have ever had and despite taking so much from me, I am grateful for what it has taught me.

Enjoy your turkey’s, tofu or feeding formula everyone!



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