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Happy 2022 - The Year Of Hope

Happy New Years!

2022 is the year of hope for ME/CFS.


To celebrate, here is a video of me dancing for hope in 2022:

My wish for this new year is for there to be no suicides due to ME/CFS. Every ME/CFS patient who takes their life is a huge loss to the whole world and I feel it deep in my soul. It hurts like nothing else. ME/CFS patients have an understanding about this life that no one else does. They say you don’t truly know what you have until you have lost it. Well ME/CFS takes our lives. And in doing so, teaches us what life really means. We have so much to teach the world.

This year, I want us to band together as a community and support each other better, be less divisive over things that do not matter, and take care of each other. I believe that as a community, we can hold each other up in this final chapter of the great suffering of unsolved and prejudiced ME/CFS. We are part of history, a history that is being written right now and is soon to change dramatically.

I’m not going to make any exciting claims this year about a cure or treatments because there are too many unknowns and I feel ME/CFS patients took my attempts at excitement about the real progress we are making too literally last year. I don’t know if this is the year we will find a cure. But I do know that research is progressing at an incredible rate. Ronald Davis is trying to disprove the metabolic trap theory and he cannot yet disprove it. His team has successfully created the metabolic trap in yeast. This is huge. They are now going to test FDA approved drugs to see if they can get yeast that is trapped out of the trap. Literally any day, they could stumble on a drug that brings the yeast out of the trap completely.

Then they test it on human patients next, because these are FDA approved drugs that do not need lengthy trials. If there are drugs out there like Abilify that took us 40 years to find, there are surely drugs out there that could cure us if taken in the right way.

So 2022 is the year of hope for ME/CFS.


Please spread the hashtag!

And let’s make an earnest effort this year to look at our behavior in person and on the internet and try to stop spreading pessimism and negativity and divisiveness and start spreading more hope, support, and love for each other. We are all in this together and no one understands like we do. We are our own best hope and our own worst enemy. We are our best chance at getting through this alive.

And some day soon we are all going to get out of this together and I’m going to invite you all over to my house to celebrate being alive again!

Happy new year of hope.



Donate to ME/CFS research at the Open Medicine Foundation to help stop the suffering of millions and end ME/CFS.

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