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Going to the Hospital

Going to the hospital today to change my J-tube and PICC line at the same time. Fun! Luckily my warrior cousin is in town and is coming with me again.

Dad giving me Ativan before the EMTs get here.


My sister Ashley is here to help clean my room while I’m gone. This is a family event!


Being rolled outside my room for the first time in months


Feeling the Glory of the sun, sky, plants and fresh air


With my cousin Miranda in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.


Captivated by the sight of the real world outside


Getting taken out of the ambulance and about to feel the sun for the first time in months.


Just entering the Hospital


My Cousin Miranda standing up for what I need to not get hurt.


’m getting tagged and ready for lift off.


It was a bit of a wait but the procedure went very smoothly the Doctor here is so great and all the nurses know me. I had to get a COVID test which was unpleasant. But right now I’m flyin high on Fentanyl and feeling groovy. Ambulance is coming soon to take me back to the dungeon.


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