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Getting a Foot in the Door

One of the things stopping ME/CFS patients from getting fair treatment from all aspects of government and society is that all the systems that should be helping us are set up to start "working" once an illness or condition gets it’s foot in the door so to speak. We have never gathered enough proof of illness or a diagnosis or even solid stats on how terrible it is especially in severe form (or just how many people have ME/CFS - a lot more than anyone thinks). So the door has remained closed. Which means we get no government research funding, no insurance coverage, no proper healthcare, etc. Which in turn means we remain too oppressed to be able to get a foot in the door, and the cycle has repeated for 40 years. It will take a conceded effort by someone or some group to stop this vicious cycle by building enough of a case for ME/CFS so that it can start to gain momentum in our current systems. I believe what #TeamSuperman is doing right now is exactly this and future generations will see the work as groundbreaking not only scientifically but also socially. But Superman has always been ahead of everyone else he’s used to it at this point.


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