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First Thing In the Morning

My favorite time of day is first thing in the morning. There is a moment when I first wake up when I’m super excited about the day. It feels so good. But as I wake up and look around for something to do with that excitement, the reality of my limitations sets in and this heavy weight falls on my chest.

There isn’t much I am able to do, or to be excited about. I used to be better at being excited about getting things done, but lately the changes in my health have made that difficult. I feel dull and numb most of the time and it’s the worst. It feels like the world is less colorful than it used to be. And no, it’s not depression it’s just less brain activity. I know you all feel this too.

There are times when I can engage and work on things but I’m mostly waiting it out. I live for the little things and the small moments. I know it will pass and my health and state of mind will change with time. It always does. It will for all of you as well.

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