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Feelings Are Visitors

The way I feel does not define me. I am not my feelings. They are but visitors. They will come and go, and I will remain. This feeling too will leave and I will remain. My spirit and awareness is still here and will emerge again.

The Spanish language is much more enlightened than English in how it expresses feelings and emotions. In Spanish they say "I have tiredness" or "I have sadness". The "have" is the same word used to say things like "I have a nice car", or "I am having pizza for dinner". These are things that come into our lives and then leave and do not define us.

In English we say "I am tired" or "I am sad". This is the same verb "am" used to say things like "I am tall" or "I am a human being" or "I am from Ukraine". These are things that define us and do not change (in this lifetime). So in English we are constantly conditioning our mind to think of emotions as a permanent part of who we are.

It’s interesting to think about how languages can affect our understanding of the world and what other uses of language might affect our wisdom or perception of the world. I have no doubt that Spanish speaking people are more in touch with the fleeting nature of emotions than English speaking people simply due to saying it like this all the time.

We are not ME/CFS, we have ME/CFS. We are not sick, we have sickness. We are not tired we have tiredness right now. We are not sad or lonely, or desperate, we have these things, and in the future we will give them away.

We are not our emotions, they are only visitors that come and go. Remember that they will go and take note of when they do.

Right now, I have spaced out brains, tiredness, mental numbness, and general mental dullness. But they will leave and my awareness and perception will remain.

Whatever you feel will pass in time as well. And something new will come along and visit you. :)



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