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Able To Listen To Music Again

The first big sign of improvement after starting Abilify for me was after 7 years unable to listen to music of any kind or even tolerate hearing it from neighbors came after 3 months of Abilify. I one day felt like I could listen to music, that sensitivity had abated a bit, and I tried and it was ok, I didn’t crash. Instead what i felt was absolute bliss! And I’ve been listening to music almost every waking minute ever since. Because I LOVE music. I used to listen to music constantly, always searching for new bands and musicians and new kinds of music. It’s been wonderful to be able to listen to music again and it’s the biggest joy in my life right now.

I’ve (possibly stupidly) spent a bunch of my savings on headphone gear and built a shelf in the wall next to my bed which is piled with DAC’s, and headphone amplifiers and headphones. The beauty of music portrayed with hi fidelity headphones is really the only thing I have in my life that is just pure joy and excitement.

i’m so grateful. I just wanted to share this with you. I’ve been holding back on saying anything because it stressed me out to think of others knowing about me listening to music. I have a lot of PTSD and sensitivities around connection to other people. But it’s been long enough and I feel comfortable enough now to share it with you.

My health has been declining for the past year after getting a bit better from Abilify, so this isn’t a sign of getting better, but it’s a bit of light in a world of darkness.



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